Dislocation | Reclamation

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This exhibition featured Rebecca Allan's botanical drawings juxtaposed with abstract paintings of landscapes where the plants are typically found,  and Richard Kooyman’s portraits of women retrieved from their “absence” in Classical Western art. Allan considers the fragile connections of plant species to their particular habitats, while Kooyman explores the political and aesthetic vitality of female actors through a contemporary lens.


Jason Wallace


September 27 - october 17

Jason Wallace is an American multidisciplinary artist working with consciousness, perception and public policy. The signs and symbols series deals with mathematical signs as a way to describe human geometry by examining systemic structures of values. The work traces how one perceives themselves and the correlation to others. The work attempts to challenge the viewer on perceived systemic structures of one’s self image and value as well as values that are assigned.


Francie Bishop Good


August 30th - September 26th

Francie Bishop Good was raised in Allentown, Pennsylvania.  She currently lives and works in South Florida and New York City. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally. The backbone of her work is formed by her history, by her continued work as a photographer and as a painter, and by her love of art in the broadest sense.  Life’s stages and domestic moments are Francie’s subjects. She strives to show struggle that is unique to the individual but also transcend through psychological and geographical boundaries.


Buck / Native


August 15th  - August 29th

The primordial search for meaning, from ancient cultures to today’s artists, unearths overlapping connections to elemental means of expression. Walking back through “the path of the artist to (her) work” (Emerson), to its moment of conception and before, one is immersed in a molten sea of impulses that exist prior to language, and which language can only invoke but not capture. It is the shaman, or the artist, who reaches into the time before time has meaning, to bring forth meaning and suggestions of meaning into the everyday world. Thus...., the commonality of all cultures reaching for spirituality and significance for the human condition. 
Therefore, we offer the pairing of Buck’s protean forms of spirit, animism, sexuality, wonderland fantasy and dark fairy tales, with the Native art of Papua New Guinea, the most exotic place place on the planet, with its time warp presence of ancient forms of worship and ritual expressed in the media of nature, that express the basic human impulses that define life then, here and there, and in the present day. 


Dimensional Cities


July 23rd - August 14th

Garry Grant

DIMENSIONAL CITIES featured Garry Grant’s two series of works: The Detroit Industrial Complex Series and the Fortification Series. Grant’s body of work focuses on diverse urban landscapes, local and world affairs, and the evolution of our culture. He often includes geometric shapes, vibrant color, and repetition as a way of conveying rhythm in his compositions.


Feminine Constructs

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June 27th - July 22nd

Lizzy Lunday & Maura Martin


Brought together by Pratt’s MFA program the collective empowerment Lizzy Lunday and Maura Martin have has flourished into the sharing of vital ideals about femininity. While Lunday deals with  the cultural structures and instructions that contribute to learned female identity through distortion of the female form, Martin is exposing sexual abuse within institutions of education involving athletic teams through ironic use of the stereotypical pennant, yet both artists are working towards exposing true femininity and their struggles. These works represent not only that struggle, but also the ability to overcome and break the constructs of the feminine and its historic definition.


Appearances & Dissapearances 

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May 3rd - May 29th

Rola Khayyat & Sanaz Mazinani

Appearances and Disappearances, a two-woman photographic exhibition, featuring works by Sanaz Mazinani and Rola Khayyat.

Their lives and their work deal with the difficulties and danger of growing up and living in a volatile and violent environment in the Middle East, and with the ability to survive and express one’s self through the medium of art.


Urban Connections


March 15th - April 23rd



Gabriel: A Polemic


March 5th - April 1st



Having Our Say


Febuary 16th - March 12th